Your Solar Plexus Is Congested

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Learn How To Unblock Your Chakras 

In his famous book, The Strangest Secret, Earl Nightingale stated, you are what you think. You become what you think about most of the time. He believed that if a person only feeds his mind with negative thoughts, he will experience life through a dark lens. 

Small things that shouldn’t affect us will ultimately become bigger than they really are because our mind is focused on the worst possible outcome rather than the best. 

He talked about how a person who lives with mostly negative thoughts will focus his mind on all his problems rather than the opportunities before him.           

That's because our thoughts and emotions create our results. The combination of thoughts and emotions creates an electromagnetic field. This field carries information and by universal law what we think and feel is what we will receive.

In business one of the best-kept secrets is that Business is 80 % energy and 20% mechanics as entrepreneurs we have three main energy centers that when activated bring us more sales, visibility, and confidence.

Learning to unblock these will give you an advantage that gives you the results of attracting clients to you.

 Increasing your confidence to charge a higher value for your work and visibility to share your work with the world in a confident and attractive manner  

That is the major reason I created the mastermind for female CEOs, in this space you will increase your sales and learn how to use energetics in business to build the business of your dreams. 

  • Becoming aware of what energy centers are blocked in your business.
  • How to unblock the energy that's keeping you stuck
  • Connect to the energy of sales to attract more clients   
  • Ditch procrastination to create momentum
  • Support from me and other Female Entrepreneur's.


What Others Are Saying About The Affirmation Booklet

Sophia Garcia

Since participating in the mastermind, I was able to increase my price by 50 %, expanded my services, and now have a plan more importantly I learned how to change my energy. 

Emma Brown

I wasn’t aware that all the negative things that kept happening in my life were mainly because of my habits of always living in fear and always thinking the worst.  After reading the affirmation booklet, and also participating in the mastermind, I was able to understand how to change my thought patterns and have been able to train my mind to always think the best.

Olivia Davis

I never understood how attracting everything with my mind worked because I always felt I needed to go after everything I wanted, regardless of my thoughts. This affirmation booklet helped me understand that I do need to work for everything I want, but I will not achieve it unless I start controlling and directing my thoughts into the outcome I desire.