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I Empower Women To Grow A Successful Business Through Energetics.

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Are Your Chakras Affecting Your Business Outcome?

Your chakra is the organizational center for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life force and energy. The throat chakra is linked to creativity, self-expression, and communication, and having an open and balanced throat chakra makes you great at building a business, starting new projects, and building relationships. Find out if your throat chakra is blocked, by taking our Five (5) mins quiz.


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Throughout my time as a Spiritual Business Coach, I've seen firsthand how meditation reshapes the journeys of brilliant women CEOs.

Their success stories, both personal and business-wise, are remarkable.

But it's not just about meditation. I equip them with actionable online business insights in my ALIGNED CEO program, addressing concerns from self-confidence to being authentically 'out there' without that 'salesy' aftertaste.

Current Progress
Current Progress


By Vanessa

Business Brilliance

Welcome to my Podcast

Embracing my heritage, I created a podcast for the bilingual woman, my tribe. Prosperamama's podcast offers an unmatched linguistic journey, celebrating the wonder of bilingualism.


It melds two beautiful languages, giving listeners double the insights and inspiration. We're not just about languages; we delve deep into energy, chakras, motherhood, and business. 

Quality and authenticity are our trademarks, ensuring every episode is a treat to the ears. 

So, whether you're on the move or unwinding, join our community and dive into a world where languages intertwine, cultures connect, and possibilities are endless. Subscribe and feel the bilingual magic.

Our Services

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Business Chakras
Meditation Membership

Unlock unparalleled growth in both life and business with our Meditation Membership. Experience the magic of guided meditations, mindful exercises, and brain-heart coherence techniques, all under my personal guidance. I've seen countless women CEOs transform with meditation, and I'm here to guide you too. Beyond the practices, immerse yourself in our vibrant community on Telegram, connecting, sharing, and evolving alongside fellow enthusiasts. Let's embrace clarity, focus, and profound transformation together.

Confident Healer
The Confident Healer

Unlock growth with 'The Confident Healer'. This comprehensive framework ensures you thrive in your practice. Wave goodbye to tech-induced procrastination and embrace transformative strategies for your clients. Elevate your sales by resonating with your client's emotions. Witness a surge in visibility as you master the energy to magnetize your ideal clientele. All these are encapsulated in the Aligned CEO Program, complete with dedicated coaching and rejuvenating weekly energy sessions.

Corporate Training
The Aligned CEO

A 16-week transformative program tailored for aspiring coaches. Beyond mere strategy, it weaves energetics, ensuring sustained momentum in your coaching journey. Feel lost or overwhelmed with past courses? Here, we address procrastination and self-doubt head-on. Master the art of client-centric coaching frameworks, effective marketing, and clear communication of your offer's benefits. Shift from scarcity to empowerment, attract ideal clients, and leverage neuroscience, meditation, and weekly energy clearings to manifest your envisioned success.



After Working With Vanessa My Revenue Increased By 50 %, My Confidence Is Through The Roof, I Learned How To Align My Energy And Now My Procrastination Has Turned Into Momentum. 


Life Coach

I Was Able To Stop 1:1 Sessions And Grow My Practice By Offering Long Term Programs, Vanessa Clearly Helped Me Identify My Client's Needs, And Now Sales Constantly Come In!!!! 


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No shame in my game… I love the camera as it allows me to use my YouTube channel to empower moms and women in business.

Dive in to master conscious marketing, hone sales techniques, and excel in life's negotiations.

With a foundation of love and confidence, let's elevate your journey together. It's all about growth, purpose, and resonating frequencies

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With This Activation Meditation Guide!

Guided meditations will lead you through a variety of meditation practices, helping you develop focus, release stress, and cultivate a sense of deep relaxation, this guide is what you need to get started.


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