Change Your Energy,

Change Your Life.

Change Your Energy,

Change Your Life.

Empowering Women to grow a successful business

Empowering Women To Grow A Successful Business

Could your chakras be affecting your business outcomes?

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About Me.

I’m a young mother of three beautiful girls, who has always felt deep inside that there’s more to life than what we can see.

This feeling led me to discover Pranic Healing, and my life has never been the same. Knowing I had the potential to feel and measure energy resonated with me, as it was presented as an energy doctor.

I made it my life's mission to empower others on an energetic level, to teach them how to leverage the universal laws, and to help them become financially rich.

Welcome to my Podcast

I created a podcast for the bilingual woman because that is my heritage, that is my tribe. I wanted a resource that was on an equal playing field, one that would allow access to anyone in the world that wanted to grow their understanding of energy, chakras motherhood and business.

By listening to this podcast, you make the subconscious become conscious and you can expand
your awareness in regards to money
and business and energy.

My Services

Business Chakra Certification

Tired of working hard without getting the results you desire? Taking massive action to grow your business it’s imperative; however, it must be complemented with a great understanding of how your mindset affects your results. As an entrepreneur you must maintain your physical energy and a positive mindset aligned, that’s when you do your best work and I can help you achieve just that.

Confident Healer

the confident healer

Complete framework to fill your practice. You will learn how to create amazing transformations for your clients with a simple effective system. no more procrastination due to technology paralysis. You will also learn how to increase your sales by speaking to your clients specific emotional needs and your visibility will sky rocket because you learn the energy needed to attract your ideal clients

Corporate Training

Corporate Training

When you achieve 6 & 7 figures with your business, your confidence level increases as well. However, many business owners still struggle to take actions that do not allow them to feel the progress in their lives. I will help you remove those energetic blocks from your life by programming new patterns in your life and business. You will learn how to sell high ticket offers by activating your heart center and removing any negative thoughts or feelings you may have about sales.


after working with vanessa my revenue increased by 50 % and my confidence is thru the roof I learned how to align my energy and now my procrastination has turned into momentum.

- Heather -

i was able to stop 1:1 sessions and grow my practice by offering long term programs, she helped me clearly identify my clients needs and now my sales constantly come in!!!!

- Janelle -

Subscribe to my channel

No shame in my game… I love the camera, as it allows me to spread my message through my YouTube channel for moms, women growing a business that want to learn conscious marketing, learn how to close sales and become better negotiators in life doing it from a love & confidence frequency.

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