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Are Your Chakras Affecting Your Business Outcome?

Did you know that the alignment of your chakras could significantly impact your business success? While chakras, the energy centers in your body, influence your emotional and spiritual health, neuroscience shows us how they also affect our decision-making, creativity, and communication—all crucial for thriving in business. Take our 5 minute quiz to find out 


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Hi, I'm Vanessa, the heart and mind behind Prosperamama. My journey as a Spiritual Business Coach has been fueled by a passion to empower women like you—ambitious, visionary, and ready to transform. With years of experience in neurocoaching and energetics, I've dedicated myself to helping women entrepreneurs not just achieve but exceed their own definitions of success.

Throughout my career, I've witnessed the profound impact that a blend of neuroscience and spiritual energetics can have on personal and business growth. My approach is deeply personal and tailored, recognizing that each woman's journey is unique.

In our sessions, you’ll find more than just business coaching; you’ll discover a transformative experience that aligns your business goals with your inner values and energies. Whether it’s through our NeuroCoach Essentials, the comprehensive Aligned CEO program, or one-on-one sessions, I’m here to guide you towards achieving clarity, resilience, and a thriving business.

Current Progress
Current Progress


By Vanessa

Business Brilliance

Welcome to my Podcast

Embracing my heritage, I created a podcast for the bilingual woman, my tribe. Prosperamama's podcast offers an unmatched linguistic journey, celebrating the wonder of bilingualism.


It melds two beautiful languages, giving listeners double the insights and inspiration. We're not just about languages; we delve deep into energy, chakras, motherhood, and business. 

Quality and authenticity are our trademarks, ensuring every episode is a treat to the ears. 

So, whether you're on the move or unwinding, join our community and dive into a world where languages intertwine, cultures connect, and possibilities are endless. Subscribe and feel the bilingual magic.


By Vanessa

Daily affirmations shape leaders' mindsets, fostering confidence and clarity. Combat negative self-talk and elevate decision-making by embracing this transformative ritual. Dive in and discover leadership amplified by affirming words.


By Vanessa

Daily affirmations shape leaders' mindsets, fostering confidence and clarity. Combat negative self-talk and elevate decision-making by embracing this transformative ritual. Dive in and discover leadership amplified by affirming words.

Our Services

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NeuroCoach Essentials

Stop feeling uncertain and doubting your Coaching abilities

Instead, learn how to coach with confidence and effortlessly attract clients seeking transformation.

You’re Tired of surface level coaching and battling imposter syndrome now you’re looking for a better way to build a fulfilling coaching practice and create lasting change as a leader in the coaching world.

You want to master your coaching and deliver transformation.

NeuroCoaching Certification

Elevate Your

Coaching Mastery

with Neurocoach


With our Neurocoach Certification, you'll move beyond basic techniques and embrace advanced methodologies that set you apart in the coaching field. 

Our certification is designed for coaches like you, who are committed to excellence and eager to master the most innovative practices in the coaching industry.

With this certification, not only will you confidently validate your skills with a formal acknowledgment, but you'll also gain access to cutting-edge tools and techniques that empower you to deliver transformational results. Dive deep into the science of change and become a certified neurocoach, recognized for your ability to foster genuine and lasting growth in your clients.

The Aligned CEO

Unlock your full potential as a leader with The Aligned CEO program, tailored specifically for women entrepreneurs and corporate executives who aspire to lead with vision, authenticity, and powerful alignment. This program is designed to elevate your executive presence and enable you to forge a path of impactful leadership.

You’ve succeeded in the corporate world, but now you seek to lead in a way that harmonizes your personal values with your professional ambitions. The Aligned CEO is your gateway to transforming not just your business, but also your approach to leadership.

Join a network of visionary women who are redefining the landscape of modern leadership. Become an Aligned CEO and start leading with purpose, passion, and unparalleled efficacy.



After Working With Vanessa My Revenue Increased By 50 %, My Confidence Is Through The Roof, I Learned How To Align My Energy And Now My Procrastination Has Turned Into Momentum. 


Life Coach

I Was Able To Stop 1:1 Sessions And Grow My Practice By Offering Long Term Programs, Vanessa Clearly Helped Me Identify My Client's Needs, And Now Sales Constantly Come In!!!! 


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No shame in my game… I love the camera as it allows me to use my YouTube channel to empower moms and women in business.

Dive in to master conscious marketing, hone sales techniques, and excel in life's negotiations.

With a foundation of love and confidence, let's elevate your journey together. It's all about growth, purpose, and resonating frequencies

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With This Activation Meditation Guide!

Guided meditations will lead you through a variety of meditation practices, helping you develop focus, release stress, and cultivate a sense of deep relaxation, this guide is what you need to get started.


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